A semi-conclusion to the first story-arc, Wolverine & The X-Men continue to deal with the young Hellfire Club and the trouble they have unleashed upon the new school.  So far they have turned the visiting education board members into monsters, unleashed an army of frankenstein monsters and activated a version of Krokoa, the living island, they had planted under the school grounds.

  Spoilers ahead...

  Krokoa was the one issue they could not quite get a handle on as last issue wrapped up and, as you can tell from the cover, Quentin Quire gets involved in helping them solve the problem.  He is able to communicate with the monster and not only get it to stop attacking, but find out that it is a mutant and wants to join the X-Men.  So now the school grounds will be fairly well protected I'd say.

  From there the rest of the problems are able to handled pretty easily and they get things turned around.  Even the people from the board of education leave happy, with no memory of what happened to them.  Other than a lot of big fight scenes that are frankly a bit hard to decipher due to Bachalo's art not a lot happens in this issue other than Krokoa until the end.  Wolverine sends Matt Murdock to deliver a lawsuit to the young Black King for the damages to the school and the Black King in turns readies his next shot at Wolverine & The X-Men.

  This has been a good start to the new series, but still falls a bit short of what it could be.  The humor in the book is good, Bacholo's art is at times enjoyable and other times confusing and the characters are a mixed bag with some great and some bad.  For whatever imperfections I see, I'm looking forward to seeing what Aaron is able to do with this series going forward.

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