Like every issue from this spectacular series so far; the events of this one flow from all the others.  In the aftermath of the Dark Angel saga, X-Force starts to sort out all the left-over issues.

  One big piece of news (that would get a spoiler warning if not for the cover) is that AOA Nightcrawler decides to stay with the team.  This gives the regular Marvel U a nightcrawler again and he also mentions that a few of the trouble makers from AOA (Blob and a couple others) are still in this world and he is going to look for them.  This is a very different Kurt than we are used to however and it's made clear as he pushes away from Kitty Pryde when she gets excited to see him.  (spoilers ahead)...

  Though this issue isn't an action packed one and mostly acts as an in-between before the next adventure it is wholly necessary after such a big event, one that essentially built during the entire eighteen issue run so far.  X-Force gets to say their good-byes to the Age Of Apocalypse heroes that traveled here to help them, something especially important to Wolverine as it gave him more time with Jean Grey and an interesting moment with a good version of Sabertooth. Remender has done such a good job with the other characters in this series, readers can look forward to seeing what he does with Nightcrawler.

  Fantomex deals with young Apocalypse: Genesis as he goes by now.  He is sending him to Wolverine's school and has decided to keep some of the details about his real past secret from him.   Fantomex shows his concern over Genesis, both for the boy and for himself; hoping the boy can turn out good in the end.  Though the reader has to watch some of the possible missteps they are already making with the boy and wonder how it will turn out in the end.

  We also get more of the new Angel, he truly doesn't remember anything from his past and his personality seems like much a blank slate as well.  From the life seed, Warren was completely reborn (kind of like Spock in Star Trek III) and is essentially a new person.  Betsy tries one last time to spark any memories, but simply hurts herself in the process.

  Most of all this issue would be a good jumping on point for new readers.  You get an idea of what has happened so far and what X-Force is dealing with from the events and the last few pages set up the next storyline.  This is one of the better series coming out from Marvel right now and worth diving into.

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