Review: BATMAN #3

  This just gets better every month.  Scott Snyder continually shows how to do Batman right, touching on a little bit of everything each issue to give you some Bruce Wayne, supporting cast, Batman being a detective and most of all building up Gotham into a very interesting city for other reasons besides being full of crazies.

  So far he has introduced us to a new villain: The Owl I suppose he is called.  Last issue they attacked Bruce Wayne and Lincoln, a politician making a bid for Mayor as they were both meeting about big changes planned for Gotham nearly get killed by The Owl.
[beware spoilers after the break]

  This issue opens up in the past, ninety years back with Bruce Wayne's ancestor Alan Wayne on the run and seeming to have lost his marbles a touch.  After that tease we are quickly back in the modern day with Batman questioning some thugs and trying to figure out how The Owl got into his building in the first place.  After a scrape with the gang he comes up with a dead end on his first theory of how he entered the building.  Snyder makes a good use of this little fight to show Batman being creative in taking down multiple foes and also showing us some real threats to take seriously in a dark city like Gotham besides villains fit for Arkham.

  Bruce takes time to visit Lincoln in the hospital and tell him he is supporting him for mayor.  More importantly however, they talk about the court of owls and Bruce can't see how they really existed in Gotham for all this time and he would have never encountered them.  Lincoln surmises that maybe his plans to change and develop Gotham is what finally got their attention.  Snyder once again does a great job here and in the scene with Alfred in the batcave of showing Batman's mindset, his focus on figuring this out and trying to wrap his mind around the mystery of where The Owl came from.  Sometimes part of being a detective isn't just figuring everything out, but the time spent contemplating the mystery and Synder is able to show that blended with other scenes to keep it from becoming a boring process.

  Batman does figure out the mystery finally and how it is connected to his ancestor Alan Wayne.  It leads him to discover multiple hideouts for The Owl and a trail of ancestors for him as well.  We are left waiting for the next issue however to see what happens to Batman as he stumbles into a trap by The Owl.  Batman may not be the only one figuring things out.

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