Another issue of Ultimate Spider-man down and as per the last three it was fairly solid.  I would say fans of the series so far won't be disappointed and Bendis haters will probably still have the same issues to complain about.

  The story has been moving a bit slowly, not giving us much in the way of action each book and instead going for a lot of back and forth between Miles and his friend about what to do.  I can understand the fault in this, but if you are like me and enjoying the characters so far, then it is still enjoyable.

  We do get to see Peter Parker's funeral from the outside as Miles watches it with the rest of the citizens crowded outside the church.  The touching scene where a young girl talks to Aunt May about Spider-man saving her from a fire when she was little always brings a tear to my eye when I see it.  Though we also get a scene where Miles asks Gwen Stacy why he did as she walks by and she storms up to him and tells him the "With great power comes great responsibility" story.

  At this point, if he wasn't before, Miles definitely feels like it is up to him to pick up the mantle and carry on.  He even feels like he could have prevented Peter Parker's death if he had acted on his new found powers sooner.  His first couple forays into webslinging don't go so well however.  (Although I don't think he actually is using webs yet is he?  I haven't seen any sign of them)  The first time he gets called out by the Bugle for destroying city property and his imitation spider-man costume is considered "poor taste" by most.  His biggest problem is just getting started however as he get smacked down by Spider-girl at the end of the issue and asked "who the &%*$ do you think you are?"

  As I said earlier, I think fans of Bendis' Ultimate Spider-man would still love this.  It has the same style of fun writing to it and the same pacing as his book always has.  They are doing a decent job so far with introducing this new Miles character.  I do think they are stretching it a bit having his 'uncle Ben moment' be the death of Spider-man and force him to be the same type of hero.  But actually we still have to see if that is what he will become.  I'll probably be interested in seeing whether Bendis can make me like a spider-man that isn't Peter Parker for many more issues to come if he keeps it as interesting as it has been so far.

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